About Us

The company was established in 2012 by His Excellency Haiel Mohamed Alharbi, a well-renowned lawyer based in Abu Dhabi. Initially, the company was known simply as Golden Link Travel. In 2014, his son, Ebrahim Alharbi, succeeded his father, and since then holds the position of Chairman and Owner. Ebrahim shifted the company’s focus from not only ticketing, but also the tourism industry as a way of contributing to the future of Abu Dhabi’s economy.

Our Values

Our values are inspired by our love and passion for travel. We look to create a memorable experience for our guests by dedicating our time, expertise, and our recommendations to them. If our guests know what they want to do, where to go, and how much they want to spend, that does not mean our job is one. We urge the customer to consult us before making a decision so we can ensure a memorable experience no matter the cost.

Our Mission

“To become the leading tour operator in Abu Dhabi, and positively contribute to Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision of 2030 while also maintaining a family-style organization.”

Ebrahim Alharbi, Chairman & Owner of GLTT

Our Team


Ebrahim Al Harbi

Chairman and Owner

Benny Jacob

General Manager

James Alexander Frazier

Leisure Manager (Inbound Specialist)